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Dear all it has been a great experience to start my weblog with www.blog.com and share news and interviews about Afghan refugees and deportation to Afghanistan. However we have been also witnessing some serious break downs using blog.com. as a result most of the viewers could not access the latest news due to the break downs.

That is why i have decided to move from www.blog.com to www.wordpress.com as wordpress offers better feature and the most, it runs smoothly without any breakdown. Therefor i inform all the Kabulblog viewers that their would be a slide change in the name of Kabulblog, with and extra S at the end. Word press is used by millions of people and most of the names are already taken.

You will now get all the news and interviews on Afghan refugees and deportees in Kabul on .. http://kabulblogs.wordpress.com/    

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13 year old Afghan Refugee missing in Turkey …

By:Abdul Ghafoor

Naznin Habibi 13 and Afghan Refugee, who lives along with her parents in Turkey for the last 3 years.

According to her father Abdul Hadi Habibi; her daughter is born in Kabul on 20/10/2000 and they have entered Turkey in 12/03/2011

Abdul Hadi Habibi has said’ their enemies have many times threatened them and as a result they have many times changed their places from one city to another

According to Abdul Hadi; her dauther has been missing since 1710/2013 Thursday 7 Pm. and since then they haven’t heard anything from her. Her father fears she has been kidnapped by his enemies who were constantly threatening him

Her father Abdul Hadi Habibi and Mother Zinat Habibi has requested from all social activists and people to help them find their daughter

Zinat Habibi has written: This is a call from a mother who has passed her life in fear and danger yet has faced another tragedy few days ago. Now she has no tears to cry and no power to shout , and this tragedy may vanish a whole family .

Zainab says; i request all human being especially mothers to help me out find my daughter, Your small effort can help me find my daughter ..

Any one who hears anything about Naznin Habibi can call on this number 05075900880 or contact the admin of Kabulblog and then the message will be transferred to the family

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Sweden deport Afghan refugees using illegal channels ..

By:Nasim Sahar

Translate by: Abdul Ghafoor

Anders san quest a juristic says; Swedish police has made links with unofficial but powerful people in Kabul who receive deportees to Afghanistan

Deportation of Afghan refugees from Sweden has increased these days and the reason behind that is told to create more space for Syrian refugees in the camps. the other reason that makes deportation to Afghanistan easy is  to low cast, easiness of deportation and the high level of corruption in Afghan government

According to Afghan organizations for refugees the only way to stop deportation to Afghanistan is to stop it on the borders of Afghanistan by not receiving and accepting them, that is all’

That is why last year we raised this issue with Dr. Ramazan Bashardost, Jamahir Anwari ( minister for refugees and repatriation). we also talked to Afghan parliamentary group headed by Shukira Barakzai

As a result we discussed this mater with Manizha Bakhtary ‘ Afghan ambassador’ to Scandinavia too. she also agreed with us and sent a letter to Embassy and then letter was then delivered to Foreign Ministry in Afghanistan . But unfortunately this efforts doesn’t look to be having any positive effect on the condition of Afghan refugees

Last week i contacted with Anders san quest a famous juristic and the director of refugee aid office to have a visit with Swedish parliamentarians over this issue, and now he has published this article

Anders stated; he has talked to the Swedish border police over the deportations to Afghanistan and they have said; Afghan Embassy, foreign ministry and refugee ministry which are legal channels have many times said they won’t accept deportees, but some nonofficial channels don’t have a problem in receiving these deportees. Until we have these illegal channels we will keep on deporting refugees. This process will go on and we won’t stop it .

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bodies of five afghan refugees have been found on the border between Pakistan and Iran ..

According to Pajhwok’ Afghan news agency. bodies of 5 Afghan refugees has been found on the border between Iran and Pakistan who have died due to starvation

Pakistani Media on 8th October has reported that bodies of 5 Afghan refugees has been found in Kech area of Baluchistan, near the border of Pakistan and Iran

Sources have added; these Afghan refugees wanted to enter Iran illegally, but have died on the way due to starvation

Police has said; bodies of the 5 Afghan refugees were first taken to the nearest hospital and then transferred to Turbat for further investigations

It is important to mention that dozens of Afghan refugees has been injured or killed on the border between Iran and Pakistan in the past

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12 days of hunger strike in Sweden, and deportation to Afghanistan …

By: Abdul Ghafoor

I was waiting for him in An Afghan restaurant in the west of Kabul. When he entered the restaurant shivery and taking help from the tables  to reach the table I was sitting.

He is Ibrahim Amiri, one of those ten people who were deported from Sweden on 2nd October 2013. He was feeling weak and constantly shivering his head and putting his hand on his forehead while talking to me. This was probably the result of 12 days hunger strike he had gone through in the Swedish detention center.

Amiri and two other Afghan asylum seekers were on hunger strike in Swedish detention center to protest against their deportation.

Amiri said; they did not eat anything for 12 days and he was almost unconscious. He was only once taken to the doctor. Doctor had advised Amiri to eat or drink something. But for Amiri it was a matter of survival and death as he said; that is why he did not eat anything and continued with hunger strike, and now Amiri says; he is feeling numb in his right and can’t easily feel it.

Amiri added; he many times called some top Afghan politicians and man in power in Afghanistan to help them and do something for them, but they had told him to stay as long as he can because there is no safety in Afghanistan, and there is no way back to Afghanistan.

The politicians Amiri had called were Dr. Ramazan Bashardost’ one of Afghanistan’s top opposition leader in Parliament and Mr. Haji Mohammad mohaqiq leader of an Afghan political Party and Hazaras influential power in Parliament

The only thing common in both the politician’s advice for Amiri was to stay there as long as he can and don’t come back to Afghanistan. They had told him there is no safety in Afghanistan. Mr. Karzai and his team are putting lives of thousands of people like you in danger.

They go on world tours and tell the concerned country we have security now, we have work. But Mohaqiq had said; there is nothing like that in Afghanistan and instead more people are fleeing Afghanistan now.

Amiri said; I told them do something for us please. And they had told they can’t do anything sitting there in Afghanistan but to talk about them in different national and international forums.

Amiri continued: he was hopeless and didn’t want to end up his hunger strike, because in either way he was in danger, if he was sent to Afghanistan also he was in danger, even now he has no place to stay and is living in hiding here in Kabul.

Nothing worked for Amiri’ finally he was taken from detention center to the airport to get deported to Afghanistan. He said; the doctors came to him and told him he is being taken to hospital. three men took from his underarm and dragged him to the bus. after that they were transferred to another center for a night to get deported to Afghanistan ..

Amiri said; i was unconscious and could hardly speak and understand what was going on around me due to 12 days of consecutive hunger strike. That night at 4 am they were taken to the plane. a charter plane which was meant to only take these 10 Afghan asylum seekers back to Afghanistan.

Amiri was not still in a very good health condition to tell me everything that had happened while i was interviewing him

Finally on October 2nd Amiri and 9 other Afghan asylum seekers were deported to Afghanistan. At Kabul International Airport they faced the same problem as other deportees are facing these days. no one to assist them or tell them where to go.

According to Amiri; he said i begged to the IOM authorities to give me a place to stay for some nights i have no one and no where to stay, but they had told him. he would be given a chance to stay in Jangalak but he has to pay for his transport to Jangalak and his food while he will be staying there.

Normally each person that get deported to Afghanistan has the right to stay in Jangalak (Afghan refugee receiving center) for 14 days. they are provided with two times meal and breakfast. and even the expanses of transferring deportees to Jangalak is also responsibility of IOM.

But unfortunately in last few weeks i have learnt that alot of people aren’t given this offer, and they don’t even know about it when they come to me or contact me. they are being put in an ambiguity about their rights by IOM and the ministry representative who receive deportees at the Airport

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Afghan asylum seekers demonstration in Belgium ..

Afghan Asylum seekers have been protesting in Belgium for the their rights of protection in Belgium. after long demonstrations and facing many obstacles by Belgian police’ they had planned for a big demo to meet the prime minister of Belgian today to discuss about their problems.

Afghan protesters had listed a couple of demands to be met by the Prime minister of Belgian, they are listed as below

1 – Moratorium, no deportation to Afghanistan until the situation in Afghanistan is stable.

2 – Freedom for all detained Afghans in closed centers in Belgium.

3 – One year residence permit + permission for work for all Afghans whose asylum request is rejected

4 – Residence permit for 5 years for Afghans who have been 3 years or more in Belgium without papers

According to some sources present in the protest today. Some jurists had met PM’s collaborators today. and they have only said they agree with Magie de block. But the activists are positive and have told to keep on supporting Afghan Refugees, More demonstrations will be organized in the coming days

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Afghan asylum seekers in Belgium are living in an ambiguity …

By: Abdul Ghafoor

on 8th September 2013 About 400 Afghan Asylum seekers occupied a former refugee center to protest the harsh asylum procedures of Maggie De Block. Most have worked and lived for many years in Belgium. Now their asylum is refused they are being sent back.

These Afghans are desperate. They have tried to build up a new live, working with an ‘orange card’ and doing language courses. Most of them speak fluently Dutch and/or French (the official languages in Belgium) and many have children that went to school here all their life. They want to say to Minister of Asylum Maggie de Block, and to the rest of Europe, that it just isn’t safe in Afghanistan, and that families with children should have the right to stay and live here.

However their struggle continues as they got support of Belgium activists and activist around the world. on  September 25th  2013 they asked to meet the Belgian prime minister and the police reacted violently (claiming demonstrators had attacked them). Women and children were there when the police used teargas and water canon.

After the violent attack by Belgian police many Afghan Asylum seekers were arrested. On 30th September Afghan refugee movement in Brussels occupied the Church of Sainte-Croix. The police were also present at the church: they didn’t let anyone in, people could only come out. Afghan refugees were inside the church including children and women

On 29th September they had published an open letter to Belgian prime minister Elio Di Rupo, asking to meet him on Friday 4th October 2014

This morning 2nd October 2013 they had a demonstration in front of  the headquarters of the Socialist Party to protest for their rights.http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=uRY5ARjfTY8

activist around the world are also gathering in Brussels to join hands with Afghan Asylum seekers on a call by No Borders. No borders international on a call in social media has requested all the member of No Borders to arrive in Brussels on 4th October at 12:15 PM. http://bxl.indymedia.org/spip.php?article2096&lang=fr

Activists in Belgium are also very active in the ground and social media. They have launched a petition to get as many signatures as possible and send it to the concerned authorities in Belgium to give the basic human rights and protection to these Afghan Asylum seekers and stop their deportation to Afghanistan.

You too put a hand and sign the petition, how ever the petition is French and Dutch, but you will see the picture guide so that it is easier for those who don’t understand either of these languages.


Open the link and then click on the button at the left side of the picture

Then you will open the petition window Which is consist of your Second name, First name, Email, Place, country, website, comment and then signature. You will receive an email to confirm your signature’, sometimes the email is considered as spam. You have to check your spam box in case you don’t receive it in your inbox .

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Deportation to Afghanistan Continues….


Deportation to Afghanistan continues and we are witnessing dozens of Afghan asylum seekers arrive in Kabul every week. They include deportees from Norway, UK, Sweden, Slovakia.

Norway regularly deport 6 to 8 people every week, and UK mostly deport Afghan asylum seekers using charter flights which includes min 40 to 75 people in each flight.

According to some sources from Sweden and Belgium. 6 people will get deported from Sweden tonight at 4 am Sweden local time and will arrive at Kabul tomorrow any time.

Another guy aged 21 was also deported from Belgium today and will arrive in Kabul tomorrow. it is important to be mentioned we don’t witness many deportees from Belgium so far. This maybe a case after so long.

These are all updated by sources from concerned countries, and there maybe always possibilities of changes in the number. So stay connected with us for the interviews after they arrive

We want an end to All deportations to Afghanistan ..

Stop Deportation to Afghanistan

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Evidence on Corruption in Afghan Ministry of Refugee and Repatriation ..

http://8am.af/ is one of the top most news sites in Afghanistan which recently discovered the letter about the murder of more than 5000 innocent Afghans during Afghanistan’s communist regime.

Newly they have disclosed a wide range corruption in the ministry of Refugees and repatriation. According to an article released by Muhammad Akbar Rustami for free media partnership’ Refugee minister is involved in corruption of Millions of Afghani Rupees. the news is also circulating on all Afghan TV channels as i am writing this post.

Accroding to researchs’ Jamahir Anwari: Minister for refugee and repatriation has many times requested UNHCR to transfer hundreds of thousand of dollar in to the accounts of his acquaintances.

Jamahir Anwari in a letter number 155 dated 6 – 6 – 2012 has written to UNHCR to transfer amount 97531 US dollars to the account of Mr Ahmad Shakran Usmani; Responsible for managing the financial and administrative assistance to the Ministry. the reason has not been mentioned in the letter

According to check number 170403 UNHCR has also transferred an amount of US 50000 dollars to the account of Mr Ahmad Shakran Via standard Chartered Bank

Another check with the number 170402 with the amount 47531 US dollars has been transferred to Mr Ahmad Shakran Usmani from UNHCR.

In letter number  ۰۰۱/AFG/KBL/FIN dated 7 June 2011. UNHCR has told Standard Chartered bank to issue amount 97531 US dollars to Mr. Usmani

Meanwhile Mr. Usmani has said; according to the orders of Jamahir Anwary Minister for refugee and repatriation. he has given amount 50000 US dollars to one of his wives.

and the remaining 47000 dollars has been given to a tourist company ( Happy Days) . Minister had made fake bills by the name of company.

Uncompleted projects

According to another finding by free media partnership’ UNHCR has paid the ministry for some reconstruction and food projects, but some of the projects have not been implemented yet

One of the responsible in Refugee ministry without disclosing his name has said; Mr. Jamahir Anwari and his men has taken many projects from UNHCR, but they have hardly completed any project. They have peculated that amount for the projects.

Land Mafia

Despite helping and resettling Afghan IDPs and returnees as one of the priorities of Refugee Ministry; they have failed to provide lands to the IDPs and returnees. According to a report by (MEC) on providing land to IDPs and returnees; There has been a wide range corruption in distributing land to the IDPs and returnees

According to the reports; the amount of bribery for receiving a piece of land, which is supposed to be provided free to the IDPs and returnees; is around 3500 US dollars.

These are some parts of the report which is made in Dari’ shows the level of corruption in Afghanistan. Refugee ministry is one of the leading ministries in corruption in Afghanistan. Considering this report i don’t mind if Mr. Minister won’t care what is happening with Afghan Asylum seekers around the world?

Afghan asylum seekers around the world are facing the worst phase of migration so far. Just due to the agreements of The corrupt Minister and support of Hamid Karzai the corrupt president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Yesterday 27 – 9 – 2013 Mr Ramazan Bashardost; Afghanistan government’s top most opposition member of Parliament told in an interview with Tolo Tv: Afghan Government and Afghan foreign ministry has done the biggest infidelity to Afghan refugees around the world. 

By making agreements with Canada, France, etc. to send afghan asylum seekers back to Afghanistan. we have security and job opportunities here now

Where is the security and Job opportunities? Even those who had been deported or came back voluntarily are fleeing from Afghanistan again . 

It is not only us as activists demanding to stop deportation of Afghans to Afghanistan, but Afghan MPs and human right activists are also showing their concerns on deportation of Afghans.  international community and those EU countries are regularly deporting Afghan back to Afghanistan at least now have to understand where are they sending people in to.

There is no hope and life for those who are sent back to Afghanistan, but instead they are getting victim of Corruption Mafia in Afghanistan.

Parts of the reports has been translated here, Meanwhile the main link can be found http://8am.af/1392/07/06/corruption-ministry-refugees-reveal/ in Dari

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Tear gas and water canon used on Afghan asylum seeker children and women in Belgium protest ..

By: Abdul Ghafoor

on 8th September 2013 About 200 Afghan refugees occupied a former refugee center to protest the harsh asylum procedures of Maggie De Block. Most have worked and lived for many years in Belgium. Now their asylum is refused they are being sent back.

These Afghans are desperate. They have tried to build up a new live, working with an ‘orange card’ and doing language courses. Most of them speak fluently Dutch and/or French (the official languages in Belgium) and many have children that went to school here all their life. They want to say to Minister of Asylum Maggie de Block, and to the rest of Europe, that it just isn’t safe in Afghanistan, and that families with children should have the right to stay and live here.

According to sources from Belgium on 25th September 2013 they asked to meet the Belgian prime minister and the police reacted violently (claiming demonstrators had attacked them). Women and children were there when the police used teargas and water canon.


According to latest reports from our sources in Belgium, and Belgium Activists. – The building in rue du Trône is being cleared out, the police  has taken all the Afghans (including women and children) to an unknown destination..

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